Dr. S.W. Lui is a Vice President of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) responsible for partnership development. The University promotes collaboration between the University and the business and industry community in applied research and development, business and enterprise development and management and executive development through the Institute for Enterprise (IfE), the PolyU Technology and Consultancy Company Limited (PTeC) and the Hong Kong Enterprise Limited (PearL) of which Dr. Lui was also appointed as the Chief Executive Officer. PolyU has established a number of joint training centres and colleges in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Xian and Wuhan of China.

Prior to joining the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dr. Lui was the Branch Director of the Hong Kong Productivity Council in charge of the Materials and Process Branch which provides R&D, consultancy and training services in new materials, advanced manufacturing and environmental technologies to the industry. He has been project directors for a number of techno-economic and market research studies for the Hong Kong Government and also project director of many development projects on integrated CAD/CAM and precision manufacturing systems. Some has led to the CMA Design Awards in the Governor's Award in Hong Kong. He also filed a number of patents on various scanning technologies.

Dr. Lui is the Founding Chairman of the Society of Automotive Engineers - HK, Past President of the Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology as well as Honorary Presidents and Honorary Advisors of various commercial, industrial and professional associations.