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Address: The Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong Limited
P.O. Box 38182, Hing Fat Street Post Office

Phone no: 2837 7998


Thank you for your enquiry. We will contact you soon.

Hong Kong Direct Selling Association member companies must abide by the Code of Conduct. If you have any complaints against Hong Kong Direct Selling Association (HKDSA) member companies, you can submit them using the following channel(s). Please mention:

  • The date and details of the complaint

  • Parties or companies involved

  • Suspected violations of the Code of Conduct

  • Describe the solutions taken to resolve the complaint

Please send your complaint to the Ethics Committee for follow-up and investigation by clicking the button below.

 Code of Conduct Violation Complaint Form

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I am filing this complaint as a

Only HKDSA members are subject to HKDSA's Code of Conduct complaint process. Please use the select member company in the dropdown box below to identify the company against which you would like to file your complaint. If you are not able to identify the company in question, please feel free to browse our list of members for the company that matches your information, and then use the below field to identify the company. If you are not able to find a match and are certain the company is a member of HKDSA, please contact for more information.

Thanks for your submission! HKDSA has received your complaint. We will reply as soon as possible.

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