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Sponsorship of Rapid Test Kits to Tung Wah Group

During the 5th wave of COVID-19 pandemic spreads through Hong Kong, there is a serious shortage supply of protection gears in the community which even causes a short-term people panic. Under the influence of the pandemic, many companies shut down and cause people losing their jobs. It was a big disaster especially these people are the main source of family income!

When they become hopeless, there will always be some angels to give them a helping hand. Many voluntary groups and well-wishers donate various reserves to the community. The Hong Kong Direct Selling Association (HKDSA) also sponsor 1,500 boxes of rapid test kits to the Tung Wah Group. Through collaboration with the Regional Service Centres, the kits are distributed to needy families in the districts. On 13 April 2022, the Tung Wah group published an announcement in appreciation to all donated supporters including HKDSA to praise their contribution. The HKDSA is very happy to fulfil her social responsibilities while giving love to the community. Attached are the photos of commodity handover to the community representatives by the HKDSA (Figure1) and the screenshots of the printed announcement (Figure 2 and 3).


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